Fun Things to Do in Boston, Massachusetts

The capital of Massachusetts and biggest city in all of New England, Boston is one of the most important cities in the United States of America. The city was the center of many key events during the American Revolution, such as the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre.

After the revolution, the city went on to become on of the United States’ central hubs of culture and education, as well as an important port and manufacturing nexus. Greater Boston is home to the United States’ first public school, first college and first rapid transit system.

fun things to do in boston
When a city has this much history, it’s no surprise that there are many museums and historical landmarks to see. There is an abundance of preserved historical sights dedicated to showcasing the city’s role in the American Revolution. The city has also become known as “the intellectual capital of the U.S.” with many of the great American thinkers and writers coming out of Boston, such as Emerson, Thoreau, Hawthorne and more.

It’s not just a city of intellectuals, however, as some of the country’s major professional sports teams call Boston home as well, like the world famous Boston Red Sox baseball team and the Boston Bruins hockey team. With so many colleges and universities, the city also plays home to an arsenal of basketball and football teams.

For lists and descriptions of local events and attractions, check out the following links:

Things to do for Kids

Museum of Science

The Museum of Science is a great place to take kids if you’re looking for someplace where they can have a lot of fun while learning something new. The Museum offers a variety of constantly changing and updating temporary exhibits in addition to a host of classic staples that have been visitors’ favorites for years, such as the colossal Triceratops fossil, the Butterfly Garden and their live Animal Care Center. They also play all sorts of thrilling films in their IMAX Theatre that cover a variety of topics kids love, such as exotic animals and dinosaurs.

Boston Children’s Museum

A historical landmark, the Boston Children’s Museum is the second oldest children’s museum in the world. They offer a variety of exhibits and programs that are designed specifically with child engagement, entertainment and education in mind. Hands-on exhibits are emphasized so that kids can learn through experience and use their play as a tool to learn. From nature and science to culture and the arts, they have a ton of different things for kids to do and learn about. Your kids will be begging you to bring them back so they can see and do more.

New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium has thousands of aquatic animals on display for you to bring the kids to visit. They’ve got a large variety of different sea turtles that have been rescued from dangerous environments, and they specialize in diagnosing and rehabilitating these turtles. They also have a bunch of exhibits that showcase different wonders of the ocean, such as seals and penguins and many different species of fish and other water-dwellers. There’s also a cafe with a view of the harbor and a gift shop with plenty of great memorabilia to bring back with you.

Things to do for Teens

Newbury Street

If there’s one thing that will keep your teens occupied in Boston, it’s spending a whole day shopping. At Newbury Street, that’s just what they’ll do. There are more shops than you can imagine, from fashion and apparel of all kinds to a huge variety of specialty shops for every need. When you need to take a break from the shopping, you can hit up one of the many restaurants and cafes, too. Newbury Street has basically everything your teens will need to see and more things they’ll want than they can possibly afford.

Skywalk Observatory

If you want to see everything that Boston has to offer, literally, then there’s no better way to do it than with a sweeping 360-degree vantage point of the city. Open seven days a week, the observatory lets you experience Boston in a way that you simply can’t anywhere else. They also run all sorts of fun events and when you get hungry, there’s a ton of great restaurants to hang out in in the food court.

Escape the Room Boston

Escape rooms have shot up in popularity in the recent years and Boston’s no exception. Escape the Room Boston has fun, challenging rooms that are a great way to spend an hour getting to know your friends and working together to get out. Put your puzzle-solving and co-operative skills to the test as you and your friends solve the challenging puzzles in only 60 minutes.

Things to do for Families

Fenway Park

Probably the most famous landmark in all of Boston, Fenway Park, home to the Boston Red Sox, is a great place for the family to go. The famous park has stood for over a century. Catch a baseball game and maybe even catch a ball. There are also tours available everyday where you’ll get to see the home legends such as Williams, Yaz, Frisk and Rice, visit Pesky’s Pole, and sit at the top of the world famous Green Monster.

fenway park boston

Faneuil Hall Marketplace

Take the family shopping at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace. It’s right in the heart of downtown Boston, next to the gorgeous waterfront. They’ve got more than 70 different stores offering unique, locally loved merchandise and delicious cuisine. You also get more than just the stores, with the streets filled with music and street performers to make the experience even better.

Boston Symphony Orchestra

For well over a century, the Boston Symphony Orchestra has been delivering some of the most amazing performances ever. They have all sorts of performances going on year-round, so be sure to keep checking for something that catches your fancy. Three times a year, they offer Family Concerts, which are a great way to get kids interested in classical music. They also offer behind-the-scenes tours of the hall.

Things to do for Grown-Ups

Museum of Fine Arts

One of the world’s most comprehensive art collections and museums with almost a half-million pieces of art, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts is a great way to spend a day. Engross yourself in art from all over the world, be it the Americas, Europe, Africa or Asia, ancient or contemporary. Works over all sorts of different mediums, such as photography, drawings, paintings, musical instruments, jewelry, and textile and fashion arts. They also have a variety of rotating feature galleries focused on a very specific theme that make return visits fresh and interesting.

Boston Crawling

If you want to see the sights and sounds of Boston’s nightlife, then Boston Crawling is probably the best way to do it. Their pub crawls take you all over the city are great way to learn about the city, see it for yourself, and enjoy cold brews all at the same time. Their expert guides know all the secret history of the city and all the best places to grab a drink.

boston crawling pub tour

John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library

Dedicated to the 35th president of the united states, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum & Library is a testament to his home state of Massachusetts and a tribute to his life and legacy. The Museum offers permanent exhibits detailing JFK’s career, from his challenges and his decisions, to his goals and the history of his presidency. They also offer all sorts of temporary exhibits and artifacts, going into greater detail about the life of JFK.

Off the Beaten Track: Alternate Things to Do

The Freedom Trail

One of the most historic walks of all time, the Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile route that takes you through sixteen different historical sites, from museums and meetinghouses to churches and graveyards. Tour a significant part of Boston and learn all about the people who helped shape the United States during the American Revolution.

Boston Public Garden

The first botanical garden in America that was open to the public, Boston’s Public Garden is a beautiful park that is a great way to get a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can just relax and bask in the wonder of the nature surrounding you, or go for a stroll and see all the different plants and sculptures that fill the space. Don’t forget to ride the Swan Boats while you’re there and enjoy the cool breeze out on the water.

Granary Burial Ground

If you’re looking for a truly unique place to visit in Boston, than look no further than the Granary. Established over 350 years ago, it was built to deal with overcrowding in the near-by burial ground and took its name from a small building used to store grain that moved near it. Approximately 5,000 people are buried in this cemetery. Many famous Bostonians were buried in the Granary, including Declaration of Independence signers Samuel Adams, John Hancock and Robert Treat Paine, as well as other famous figures of history like Paul Revere. There are also memorials to five victims of the Boston Massacre and many others.

If you are headed to Boston, it’s worth your time to check out CityPASS. They offer a great discount on popular attractions.

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