Happy Chocolate – I Mean – Valentine’s Day

happy valentines day chocolate kiss

Love notes, poetry, candy hearts, flowers, schmalzy movies, romantic getaways, proposals… these are the trappings of the Western Hemisphere’s official day of Love, Valentine’s Day.

Originally a religious holiday celebrated as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, it was a day to recognize either Saint Valentine of Rome and/or the Bishop of Terni Hieromartyr Valentine. Official dates of celebration included February 14, July 6 and July 30. In 1382, Geoffrey Chaucer made the first connection to this first holiday of spring and romance.

Whatever. Hundreds of years later, we recognize February 14 as a cultural holiday of romantic love. Or at least the love of chocolate.

chocolate heaven love valentines day

Ahhhh… Chocolate. Food of the gods. The almost magical combination of cacao beans, sugar, and varying degrees of milk, vanilla, and vegetable oils, often accompanied with such flavours (and textures) as orange, nuts, mint, pepper, rice, salt, caramel, cherries, honey, strawberries, bacon, coconut, raisins, marshmallow… there are even chocolate-covered ants!

For at least 3,000 years humans have enjoyed chocolate. It’s energizing, tasty, soothing, and addictive in more ways than one. It’s great hot, cold or at room temperature. It’s enjoyed equally as a solid, cake, cream, pudding, sauce or liquid.

chocolate heaven love valentines day

No wonder chocolate is a primary gift choice for the ones we love. And if they love us back, they’ll share.

Enjoy one of these Valentine’s Day events, or search FunLists for something in your area.

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