New Year’s Resolution-A-Rama

There’s gonna be a resolution… Most of us toy with making New Year’s resolutions.  Many of us are brazen enough to state them outright.  Few of us seem to succeed – at least entirely.  Maybe if we scaled down our lofty self-promises, we’d be more successful.

There's gonna be a resolution !
We should be realistic.  If you try to quit smoking, quit drinking, and quit overeating all at once, you’ll certainly fail – if you don’t kill yourself first!  Pick one toughie at a time.  Make sure you clear it before you move on to the next hurdle.

We should be patient.  It’s a New Year’s resolution, after all, so give it up to a year to see it through.

Once you choose a resolution, refine it by establishing goals.  “Lose weight” is a resolution, but “Lose one pound a week for 10 weeks” is a goal.

Be patient.  Lose weight through habit.  Crash diets always rebound.  resolution
We should keep the number of resolutions to a minimum.  Use our chart below, adding possible resolutions to what’s already there.  If you like, go ahead and redefine the three categories from Easy, Moderate and Difficult to something like Mind, Body and Spirit or Short-Term, Midrange and Long-Range.  Whatever fits your mood in this moment of self-reflection and self-improvement.

Then choose only one from Column A, and/or one from Column B, and/or one from Column C.  No more than 3 resolutions per year.  That should be manageable.

Easy:Become better organized
Become greener
Create personal budget
Develop hobby
Learn something new
Read more
Talk less, listen more
Watch less TV
Write a daily diary
Moderate:Donate to charity
Eat better
Exercise more
Get a (better) job
Help people
Play more
Save money
Spend more time with family
Travel more
Difficult:Lose weight
Quit drinking
Quit smoking
Reduce stress
Reduce/eliminate debt
Settle down
Simplify life
Work more

Good luck!

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