The Zombies Are Coming!

zombie uncle sam

Scary clowns and presidential candidates aside, there’s plenty to spook us this time of year.  Hallowe’en is upon us, and zombies are lurching at us from all directions.  Check out these drop-dead fun events.


Zombie Prom
The Hindenburg, 23 West Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1C8

zombie prom vancouver

Restricted Entertainment & Glamour Trash present the first ever Vancouver ZOMBIE PROM … a full-on two-room 90s-themed Halloween rager of a party!
Highly encouraged costume themes : 90s Pop Culture / Zombie / Undead / Glamour / Prom / Schoolboy / Schoolgirl / Cheerleader / Nerd / Jock / Teacher. But any and all Halloween outfits of any kind are wicked as well!
No costume? No problem. You’re more than welcome to come casual and just party if you don’t even want to deal with a costume! All are welcome to join in the madness!


Zombie Town
38 N French Broad Ave Asheville North Carolina 28801 US

Xavier Hawk, the Executive Producer of Zombie Town, is also a lead in the 3D Television Show “Anomaly,” which follows a Paranormal Investigative team comprised of scientists and researchers. Xavier Hawk is the Medicine Man, a sensitive who interacts with the spirits of the dead….fitting eh? The cast and crew went out one night after a particularly harrowing experience to let off some steam and found a shack where people were paying money to shoot eighteen paint balls at people poorly dressed as zombies who barely moved. The line to get in was four blocks long. It was ghastly and a complete waste of money. Xavier, ever looking for ways to make life more fun and interesting, decided he could make this kind of experience available to his friends and make it WAAAAAAY more exciting and scary. Zombie Town was born. Its been such a hit, that Xavier decided to turn it into a full fledged experience open to the public. Asheville NC provided the perfect fertile soil for this kind of adventure with its history of Zombie Walks, Abundant talent, Haunted places, and multiple tourist magnets such as Exquisite Dinning Experiences, LaZoom City Tours, Navitat, National Forests, World Class Micro-brews, and more. Easily accessible to the entire Eastern United States and the Midwest, Zombie Town attracts locals and visitors alike with its high action, deeply immersive story line, and fast paced adrenaline pumping terror.


Zombie Experiences Sheffield
Rutland Rd Sheffield England S3 9QH GB

ZOMBIE FACTORY EXPERIENCE In the heart of Sheffield lies a factory. It was supposed to be the city’s safe haven but the zombies have found it. Can you help secure The Factory and clear the Zombie Infection?


Zombie Experiences London
3 Herringham Rd, London SE7 8NJ United Kingdom

Deep beneath the sleepy suburb of Greenwich in London, there lies a problem and it’s kinda deadly (it’s possibly dead Lee). And if you’re going to venture down there you should know one thing – your adversaries are zombies and to their credit, they’ve some serious… deadication <mwahhahah> But you’re not one to be fazed by rotting flesh, drooling stinkers or snarling ghouls – you ride the London Underground after all! So building on this solid natural resilience, specialist anti-zombie combat training is how you’ll start your adventure. So what can you expect from your time at the secret bunker? The day starts with your briefing from the specialised paramilitary group, the Undead Response Unit. This elite team will then rapidly train you to the highest levels of combative expertise (which tends to rely on your ability to kill zombies and not your team mates). After that, you will be ready for the mission to begin. Honestly.


Zombie Survival Camp
3990 Longford Mills Rd Orillia Ontario L0K 1L0 CA

Yes, this is a real camp. ETHOS: Adaptability – Sustainability – Community We teach real skills that can save your life during any kind of disaster, not just the Zompocalypse. During one of our weekend camps, you will learn how to shoot, slay, evade, and outlive the undead. Our team of subject matter experts will build you up to be the zombie-killing experts you always wanted to be. Think you know it all? Then put your skills to the test in Sunday’s simulated outbreak, where dozens of zombies invade the camp, hungry for humans. Not only is this camp perfect for the avid zombie enthusiast, but it’s for anyone who wants to spend an exhilarating weekend being educated, challenged and entertained. Great for couples, families, birthdays, and workplace team building.


Zombie Burlesque
V Theater at Planet Hollywood Inside the Miracle Mile Mall Tickets
3663 Las Vegas Blvd South Suite 360A,  Las Vegas,  NV  89109

Zombie Burlesque is the only Zombie Musical on the Strip that takes you back to the year 1958 in a world where the undead have taken over! Our story takes place shortly after the President of The United States struck a deal with the invading Zombie hordes to allow the living and the dead to coexist.

In exchange for peace, civilization promised to give the undead their worst prisoners, and so far the deal has held up better than any had expected. In an act of good faith, the zombies have opened up the doors to the most debaucherous club in the world of the undead. That’s right! Club Z is now open to the living, and the Fleshless Management Group has promised no harm will come to anyone.
Zombie Safari Dallas
Cousins Paintball Dallas, 8975 FM 740 South, Forney, Texas 75126

zombie safari dallas
Just 20 minutes from downtown Dallas a Government cover up has gotten out of control…….. U.S. Military Helicopters transporting “Biohazard” materials from Fort Mead. Maryland to the Nevada Testing Grounds has crash landed in Forney, Texas! The surviving soldiers, rescue team, and members of the cleanup crew have been INFECTED by a Virus! We need you to help stop the spread of infection by eliminating the threat on one of our Zombie Response Vehicles aka ZRV’s. Our ZRV’s are loaded with 50 caliber guns and special “rounds” to eliminate the threat and Save Our City!

Zombie Safari Dallas is an interactive, real-time, first-person shooter experience where you get to shoot without getting shot back at. This is a one of a kind adventure and it only happens in October. A true Zombie Hunting experience! Sign up now to SAVE OUR CITY!


Zombie Evacuation
Greenlands Lanes, London NW4 1RL, United Kingdom

6 November 2016

This year The Zombie Evacuation Race brings you the “Apocalypse at Allianz Park”. Once the fortress of the mighty Saracens Rugby Team it has now been overrun by 100’s of Zombies – after a rogue Zombie made its way to the North London venue un-captured by the RAZOR Squad in 2014. The Zombie set about infecting the inhabitants of Allianz Park. There have been reports that the nearby woodland and moorland areas are over run with Zombies. Leaping out and feasting on unsuspecting passers by. Further reports show a hoard of neon toxic zombies living in a part of the stadium. The most worrying information brought to us in the last 48 hours is that of the Saracens Rugby Team themselves. Keeping strong to their roots they are standing strong on the pitch itself but by now they just might have joined the undead. Instead of crunching tackles and kicking for touch they are now crunching bones and eating flesh. If you believe you have what it takes to outrun the Zombie hoards, dodge the undead and save Allianz Park.


Zombie Survival Camp
Central New Jersey, near Whiting, in the New Jersey Pine Barrens


We are the Original Zombie Survival Camp, a hands-on, fully equipped training facility with sleeping and dining quarters and a private shooting range.

Our trained instructors teach you what you need to know to prepare yourself for any disaster, whether it’s a natural catastrophe or the zombie apocalypse. With our hands-on training, you will learn and practice each new skill, from advanced first aid and close quarters self-defense, to crossbow and firearms training with live ammunition.

Bring your partner (unless there is a reason you don’t want them to survive), bring your friends or co-workers, or come alone and make some new friends!

Training for the weekend camp starts Friday evening and runs through Sunday afternoon. Day camps are offered on Saturdays or Sundays from 8:30 am to about 4:30 pm.


Zombie Mud Run Guide
Various International Locations

Love obstacle racing and mud runs? Love (or hate) zombies? Watch The Walking Dead every week, and wonder how you could train or get into shape if that ever happened? These are the races for you then! Tackle an obstacle course or mud race, while dealing with the zombie apocalypse at the same time. (Disclaimer: participating in these races does not guarantee your survival in the event of the actual zombie apocalypse. Then again, if the zombie apocalypse happens, will there be anyone left to sue!?)

Most of these races combine your traditional obstacle race or mud run (5K or other varying distances), with the added “bonus” of dodging zombies at the same time. So don’t be too focused on that wall in front of you, as there might be a zombie two steps behind you! Usually, you’ll wear a belt with flags, and your goal is to make it through the course without losing all your flags. Obviously, each race can differ, so please check the specifics of each race.


Zombie Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are all the rage, and each Fall you’ll find various Zombie-themed escape rooms.  Here are a few:

Trapped in a Room With a Zombie
1500 Brookside Drive, Raleigh NC 27604

Prepare to be locked in a room with up to 11 other people and a Zombie that is chained to the wall! Hidden in the room is a key that will unlock the door to your freedom.  To find the key you must locate numerous clues and solve riddles.  Every 5 minutes the hungry Zombie’s chain will be released another foot.  Within an hour, the Zombie will be able to reach you.  You have 60 minutes to the find clues, solve the puzzles, unlock the door and escape the room without getting eaten!  Are you smarter than a Zombie?  Find out!


Zombie Escape
Linq Parking Lot, 3545 Las Vegas Blvd South,  Las Vegas,  NV  89109

This Halloween, terror arrives to the LINQ Promenade. Enter, if you dare, The Zombie Escape, to experience an exhilarating all-new attraction that will leave you struggling to face a fate worse than death. Hollywood studio designed, within the Zombie Escape containment facility, you and your friends will encounter terrifying and horrific sights as the infected undead clamor to make you one of their own. Battle through the infestation amidst blood curling sights…and screams…to find your way through the mass of zombies attacking around every corner. Make it through, you save the world. Fail? And join the horde of the undead. How prepared are you to survive the zombie apocalypse? Enter The Zombie Escape to find out.

The Zombie Escape is located in the LINQ Promenade back lot behind the High Roller Observation Wheel. Open this October, nightly Wednesday through Sunday, tickets can be purchased at or at the Zombie Escape or Center Strip Box Office. The latest and most terrifying horror experience in Las Vegas, The Zombie Escape will test your mettle as it brings all your apocalyptic nightmares into reality. Whether you survive or join the ranks of the undead, The Zombie Escape will leave you dying for more.


THE UNDEAD – a Zombie Invasion
630 S Wickham Rd, Suite 105, Melbourne, FL 32904

They WILL take over! Only a few will survive. You must collect supplies, data and research and make your way to one of the few safe places remaining. Only 75 minutes before the herd finds it’s way to you. Will you have enough time to gather the necessary items to survive the invasion of THE UNDEAD? This zone holds up to eight players, so gather your friends and reserve your game in Melbourne NOW! Click the Green Book Now Button to Get Started.


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